Welcome to FreeMattressRemoval.com, we specialize in removal of mattresses and donating them to charities and families in need in your area. Please go to the Schedule a Pickup tab on this site to donate your mattress. Throwing away your mattress will only fill up our landfills faster. Go green and donate your mattress today!

We also remove furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, bed frames, dressers, armoires and more.

You've just bought the perfect new bed, mattress and box spring. You can just throw the old ones away, right? Wrong. You can prolong the life of your old bed by donating it to charity. Donate your old bed to help an individual or family through a tough time. Donating an old bed or mattress is the ecologically responsible choice, too. Our landfills don't need more of our stuff, particularly things that can have a second life in the hands of someone else. Before you let the deliverymen haul off your old bed and mattress, find out if they're just going to be dumping them. If so, take a few minutes to check out FreeMattressRemoval.com. You may even find a charity in your area that will come pick up your old bed from your doorstep.